View Full Version : RecordNow CD Images

02.01.2004, 22:36
Support for RecordNow Max .gi images of CDs and DVDs?


03.01.2004, 06:13
Only if you make such plugin yourself;-)

10.11.2004, 22:20
Can You please provide some info how to write plugins for Daemon Tools?

11.11.2004, 00:28
1) You must be good C programmer

2) You must have good knowledge of CD format you are going to write plugn for and MMC in general (i.e. understand format of TOC, sectors etc.)

3) You must ensure us you INDEED are going to write plugin - we sent many times specs to ppl who claimed to write anything but without any result.
This won't happen again. In future we plan even stop API distribution and continue only under NDA conditions.

If you are interested then please mail to locutus@daemon-tools.cc
with your details.

11.11.2004, 00:52
Thanks VeNoM386, but ... it's probably not for me. May be someone else will write a such plugin?