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03.01.2004, 02:31
Lets face it with all these new music downloaded services many of us song downloaders are switching to them because they are relatively inexpensive and legal. Anyway my experience is that everyone one of them uses some audio format where they can control the usage of the file through requiring authentication. Also, like me, many people have portable devices that we like to enjoy our music on but very few of these are supported by the services. However, most services allow you to burn mp3 CDs which leads to my next point. What if Daemon tools were able to emulate a cd burner which you could select as the burning drive for your mp3 cd? Instead of burning the cd it would just copy the mp3 files to a selected folder. While I realize that it is very feasible to just burn the songs to say and CD-RW and then rip them wouldnt it be much nicer if daemon emulated say, a 100X's cd burner wouldnt everything just be so much easier? And besides its all perfectly legal, you own the songs.

03.01.2004, 04:22
Sheesh,didn't you read the posts right above this one? :roll:


Please DO NOT ask about these questions:

Are nero images (.nrg) supported?
Yes! Just install Nero Imagedrive first

Will there be mp3 cue-sheet support?

Can you make D-Tools have burning support?
No! What would be the point - just use WinISO or something like that...

Daemon Tools will NEVER EVER
(1) support Floppy Disk Drive emulation.
(2) support CD-Burner-Emulation
We don't implement it so please don't ask for FDD-support or CD-Burner-Emulation anymore
Thank you