View Full Version : Burning VCD with subtitles

10.01.2008, 11:19
Simple question really... You have a "Movietitle.AVI" file and a "Movietitle.SRT" subtitles file. You can play that movie, with those subtitles, on your PC with any given media player.Right?... right, but how can you include subtitles when burning it. Or maybe you can somehow incorporate subs into a movie permanently.


10.01.2008, 12:15
just get yourself a modern DVD player, copy it to a USB Stick (given, that it has a USB port), burn it to CD or DVD, and watch it. no one (NO ONE!!!) uses VCD nowadays any more!! :)

or buy a s-video cable and connect your pc to your TV.
or hdmi cable.

just don't vcd it!! :)

11.01.2008, 03:39
Well VCD or DVD... it doesn't really matter. The question is, if I could burn .AVI file and play it with subtitles not on the PC, but on any DVD player.
Thanks for your reply anyway.