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16.01.2008, 17:13
DT Pro build 220 is released:

Advanced and Standard editions

Dear DT Community,

For everyone who is interested in DT Pro products we can inform you that DAEMON Tools Pro build 220 has been released today!

• DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced (32/64bit) v4.12.0220 ( http://www.disc-soft.com/products/dtproAdv) - includes now vIDE support and capable to make and handle CD/DVD images

• DAEMON Tools Pro Standard (32/64bit) v4.12.0220 (http://www.disc-soft.com/products/dtproStd) - is capable to make and handle CD/DVD images

Table of comparison of all these DAEMON Tools products can be found at webpage of our publisher:

You can now purchase DT Pro licenses from our publisher, DISC-SOFT, http://www.disc-soft.com , who is responsible for all sales of DT Pro.
Just visit their website and create a new account via "Register" link on main-page.
After this you can login to your account and make online purchases.
If something is unclear, don't hesitate to post in our forums (or send a message to Disc-Soft support Team: http://www.disc-soft.com/sendmsg) and we will help
you as soon as possible!

Release Notes:

Build 4.12.0220:

What's new:
- SPTD 1.55;
- Added new languages;
- Automount option behaviour;
- Added "Yes to all" and "No to all" buttons on Images search dialog;

Bugs fixed:
- Fixed minor bug in tages.dll;
- Fixed small bug in BWT plugin with sub files;
- Command line option "Mount" to IDE device with disabled SCSI adapter;
- Image Properties saving;
- "Split Image" option in "Disc imaging options" dialog issue;
- "Hide CD-R" changing confirmation from Agent;
- Virtual Device Shell extensions issue with left side Explorer panel on Vista;
- Minor GUI bugs;