View Full Version : Installation problems

04.01.2004, 23:50
Operating System: XP sp1
Burning Software: Nero 5
Anti-virus Software: Avast
DAEMON Tools Version: 344

Somehow I got a BSOD when installing for the first time. Now when I try reinstalling I get a "Some driver has invalid name or conflicts with other file or service in system". Problem is, I can't change the name of the driver since the installer automaticallt jumps to the place were it left off. I also can't uninstall the program since it is not on the add/remove list. Nothing seems to have been installed, yet the installer claims different. What to do?

05.01.2004, 00:20
After you see this message what happens? Setup should rollback so you can start fresh.

05.01.2004, 15:46
After I see that message the installer quits doing nothing.

I got around the problem by installing an older version of daemon tools though.

08.01.2004, 09:10
Operating System: Windows XP SP1
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: AVG 7
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

i have the same problem, but more than that i installed the previous version and it got bad also, so i have no other versions to install, could someone help please.

10.01.2004, 20:51
Operating System: Winxp
Burning Software: NERO
Anti-virus Software: ANTIVIR
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

i have the same problem too.
After installation of ver 3.44 -> bluescreen -> can't boot -> delete d344 files -> uninstalled 3.44. Now i try to reinstall but it's not possible. The same massage. What can i do?

Why does 3.44 crashs after installation (bluescreen + don't boot).

Why can't i reinstall?

Thx for your support!