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10.12.2002, 21:42
i am a problem with dt and i don't know why

it works but not with default g drive. I have to select the option to use 2 drives and then drive I works. Drive G keeps asking for a disc to be inserted into the drive (even with a iso loaded). I works perfectly fine

What gives this didn't use to happen.

I am running
win xp pro
p3 750
524 mg

2 cd roms (sony DVD and lg cd writer)
I have clone cd with their virtual drive and dt 3.26

10.12.2002, 21:47
Actually drive G works just fine when i disable all drives through dt bar utility and then reenable just one drive... load iso etc and then it works. I guess i doesn't work when it loads up with windows.

I do have the auto start option disabled but i thought that was just disable the bar utility from starting everytime windows started up not the virtual drive from not working until u manually reset it. That is how it use to work.

11.12.2002, 20:28
i am a problem with dt and i don't know why
The documentation for DT says that the drive naming has been changed. Before your first DT drive would have been D and, assuming that you use all four DT drives, your CDs would have been H and I.

With the new naming, your CDs are D and E and the DT drives follow.

This does cause problems with some games that expect the CD on the installation drive. You can go to the device manager and rename the drives to the old names. It only takes a couple of minutes. Or you could reinstall the games...

12.12.2002, 22:30
no you got it all wrong

c: main drive
d: 2nd drive
e: dvd
f: cd burner

g: should be dt drive

but here is the problem... it only works when i set number of drives to 0 in dt and then reenable it (set it to 1) then it runs iso bins etc fine. But if i start my machine up with it previous set to one. then it does n't detect a "disc" (iso) in it.

I have disabled autostart on dt so when i want to use dt, i launch the program and then load an iso by right click on the icon in the task bar and using mount.... but as i said above it doesn't detect the "disc". It only it works is if i set it to 0 and then 1.