View Full Version : i need ALOT of help

29.01.2008, 06:01
can some one please give me a link to a tutorial of daemon tools or tell me how to use it i am very confused and i would appreciate any help.
also i have msn and it would probably be better if you added me and we could talk over that.
add me if you want.
thanks :)

29.01.2008, 12:02
This should be a good start:

29.01.2008, 21:10
ok well i took a look at that but it didnt help verry much
im still really confused.
please help me some more
thanks for your help

29.01.2008, 23:46
well, what help do you need exactly? daemon tools isnt really that hard to learn / master... asking for a one on one via msn or whatever is (to me) lazy..