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30.01.2008, 00:44
I have been reading alot but have a couple of questions I need help on. I have many games and two kids that have been known to scratch or lose disks. I have already created iso's of all my disks but have never had to use them. I used power iso. My question is will these protected games work if I mount them to DT? If not, when I create a iso through DT, it asks for profile(datacd,starforce,ect.) Is this to remove the protection or to write the protection? Also, when I mount them, do I still use the emulation options? I guess what I'm trying to figure out is if I have to redo all my iso disks through DT and if I do have to, what does the profile tab when copying exactly do?

30.01.2008, 07:21
If the images are created correctly yes. You don't need to activate emulations for mounting images.

In profile tab you select the copy protection.

Also see www.daemonpro-help.com.

30.01.2008, 11:11
in case your ISOs have the file extension .iso you will most likely have to re-create your images in order for them to work correctly, because the .ISO format doesn't store the sectors that make for the copy protections.
Get yourself a copy of ProtectionID (http://http://pid.gamecopyworld.com/), scan your game discs for copy protections with it and select the protection type on the Protection tab in DT Pro. Then create your images and they should work mounted with DT Pro (at least in Advanced Edition with vIDE) without the need to use the Emulation options.

04.02.2008, 16:42
Thanks guys!!