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06.01.2004, 19:18
Hi Daemon Tools Developers,

first excuse my english its very bad.

I have a question. I have many .IMG Files (DVDR Images) they are from Prassi PrimoDVD. Could you change your Line for "Selecting New Image" from "All Images (cue,iso,bwt,cdi,b5t,ccd,mds,nrg,pdi)" too "All images (cue,iso,bwt,cdi,b5t,ccd,mds,nrg,pdi,img)". Because if i select File Type "All Files *.*" it works but its easyer if i don't have to change it everytime i wanne use a .img.

Thx and Cu


06.01.2004, 19:59
IMG is not a legal supported image fomat. The line that you see represents all extensions that Daemon Tools understands and is able to mount according to their offical specifications. It is built dynamically at runtime depending on what plugins are present.
All other files are mounted as ISO only (1 track).