View Full Version : DVD Burner problems with Vista64 and Daemon

31.01.2008, 12:45
This issue is really bugging the hell out of me, until recently I've never had any issues with Daemon tools upto v 4.11, Since re-installing the PC and using 4.10, 4.11, even 4.12 all that ever happens when i burn a DVD is a random DMA timeout and its destroying endless blank discs.

This issue goes away if I system restore to before installing Daemon and SPTD (tried 1.53 and 1.55). Everything on the web suggests the DMA being off causes similar issues, but both my bios and hardware manager say DMA on DVD is set to UDMA4 which is correct for my DVDRW.

Any ideas? all the firmwares are latest.

System spec
OS - Vista Ultimate 64bit
CPU - Intel Q6600 @2.4ghz
MOBO - MSi 965 Platinum (Bios v1.8)
RAM - 4 Gig PC6400
VIDEO - 8800GTS 640mb
HD - 2x Seagate Barricuda SATA2 320gig (UDMA5)
DVD - Pioneer IDE DVR 111 (v1.29)

01.02.2008, 11:26
Sounds rather like problem with some filter driver, which is somehow interfering with virtual drives.
So provide list of filter drivers you have installed, and check if problem remains if you have SPTD layer installed only (i.e. uninstall Daemon Tools, but leave SPTD layer).

04.02.2008, 21:10
And what tool would yeild the information you need? Nero info tool? dxdiag?

04.02.2008, 21:15
Also worth mentioning I installed a Pioneer 215 Sata DVD-RW and that seems completely unaffected by the issue, so it may be related to a conflict between the RAID/IDE JMicron driver of my IDE drive and Daemon.

04.02.2008, 21:47
Run the tool called DevFilter and that says there no upper or lower filters applied to any of my dvd drives, and thats without removing Daemon.....

05.02.2008, 17:08
Does the issue persist if you uninstall DT, Alc etc completely and leave SPTD alone?
Pioneer IDE DVR 111 is connected to Jmicron and only this drive has issue??