View Full Version : Conflict between Daemon Tools and Farstone

04.02.2008, 11:28

Does Daemon Tools conflict with Farstone's GameDrive 10?

I just noticed that when I use GameDrive 10 to mount my CD of Need For Speed Most Wanted w/ Safedisk, Daemon Tools is no longer able to emulate Act of War High Treason w/ SecureRom 7.xx

I have to uninstall the former to be able to run the other game.

I need both to play with either game.

NFSMW is emulated by GD10 while AOWHT is emulated by DT4.11

04.02.2008, 14:44
personally, i'd uninstall the farstone program, its a piece of crap compared to daemon tools.....

04.02.2008, 15:40
Which exact error message do you get when trying to launch AOWHT in DT drive ?
Have you tried with YASU 1.3 ? Or maybe deactivating GD's virtual SCSI Controller in device manager ?

I assume DT+YASU aren't enough for NFSMW on your rig ?
How are your optical drives connected ?

05.02.2008, 14:13
NFS:MW works fine with Alcohol on my computer, so it shouldn't have any troubles with the latest DT Lite, either.