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05.02.2008, 16:11
Has anyone made a greek translation for DT 4.12?

08.02.2008, 11:09
Actually not :( Would you like to try?

12.02.2008, 11:38
i need help
most of them are ready
i post them here so you can take a look when i go home
many things cant be translated because they sound rediculous (like basketball = kalathosferisi that noone realy use)

22.02.2008, 14:09
i did not post anything yet because i had to restart the translation with the new version
i cant find my DT greek zip after the move i made from vista 32 bit home to vista 64bit ultimate

i have backups with windows home server but... i found out that they dont support vista 64 yet.. so no restore of my files for some months ( they are traped in the server :p)

ps: dammmm i forgot that was so many to translate... after 3 hours i am still at 10%

22.02.2008, 17:26
Good luck!

01.04.2008, 14:13
Good luck!
I am going to need it...
«Session overlap detected.»
In English I know what this is...
But if I translate it in Greek my face looks like ...

need help from other greek speaking people....