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07.02.2008, 18:05
I`m using Daemon Tools Pro Advanced and i have mounted my several nrg and iso files in this program. But at the beginning there was no problem but all of the mounted files ( programs) are opening at the same time on computer startup. I`m now trying to close all of them after every restart.
What should be the problem please...

maybe automaount but

By default the automount and autostart options are ON.
I have just tried the automount OFF case. After restart all off the drives are empty as expected. But I must mount all of them again in this case.

My situation is so:
I completely installed a client computer as I want with mounted files and other softwares and some special settings. At the beginning there was not any problem but after I took the image of the computer with Norton Ghost 2003 for image installation to other client computers, after the image completed and computer restarted this problem arised.
As a result, I want the programs to be mounted but start only by clicking the program shortcuts as used to be.
But i don`t know the exact problem.
Help me please.


07.02.2008, 18:26
Update to latest DT Pro Advanced (4.12.0220).

11.02.2008, 04:14
I am having the same problem with mounted files opening at startup or when I reboot my Vista laptop, yet I do not have this problem with my XP PC.


11.02.2008, 12:42
It was reproduced and will be fixed. Thank you for your help

11.02.2008, 20:36
Just turn off Autorun from the DVD-drive?

25.02.2008, 06:33
I too am getting the same affect. I have set all 16 drives up for my kids games and I have to shut 16 games down at startup every time. If I turn off auto notification then no icon apear in mycompuer area for my kids to see for what is mounted.

I downloaded: DTPro4120220Standard