View Full Version : Uninstall problem

07.02.2008, 21:33

I have installed latest version a week or so ago. Now I have uninstalled it but the CD drive still shows up in "My Computer" and I cannot remove it or change its drive letter. It does not show up in Device Manger or Computer Management console. No SCSI drivers can be seen in Device Manager.

I have tried all the suggested remedies and found nothing to help. I have tried reinstalling/uninstalling but that does not remove the device. I have tried SPTDinst-v155-x86.exe (remove) but that did not change anything. I have done a resitry search and remove on sptd.

I need to do something in the registry but what?

Help please

09.02.2008, 18:58
i have same thing. i have now wasted about 4 hours due to this bug. can anyone help us.........please?