View Full Version : Autoupdate language file

08.02.2008, 07:40
Hello dev-team!

Can you add an additional feature to your update integrity?

It would be nice if DTPro could also update the language file which is used by the user.

We as the german translation team have at least one updated translation per week, so with that updated language DTPro has no translation mistakes and look more... professionell.

We don't want anyone to get annoyed of searching an updated dll.

Can anyone agree with me?

08.02.2008, 11:11
Hi bismax. Yes, Yes and Yes! It will be added next week.

08.02.2008, 11:18
Then i will do everything i can to have my translation ready sunday!

09.02.2008, 11:12
nice idee bismax and nice that it will come :)