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09.02.2008, 20:36
While checking out the new pricing policy, I found this quite annoying bug, which makes it almost impossible to buy extra licenses:

When you click to buy extra licenses for a product you already own, there's a button to download an already paid product. Together with this button there also seems to be a timed redirect to the download page.

For example: I have a license for DT Pro Advanced. If I click 'Buy Now' and select DT Pro Advanced, I get a sreen with a download button on top (download already paid product) and below it I can enter information about quantity and payment method.
If I just wait a few seconds, the screen will automatically jump to the DT Pro Advanced download page, even if I did nothing at all.

This only seems to happen when trying to buy extra licenses of already owned products, so I think it has something to do with the download button on top of the page.

I checked out the page source and found this piece of Java Script:

<script language="Javascript">setTimeout("window.location.replace('https://secure.disc-soft.com/download/dtproAdv,1/full?forced=false')",10000)</script>
This piece of Java Script causes the redirect to the download page after 10 seconds.

10.02.2008, 17:32
Seems to be fixed now, thanks :)

24.02.2008, 01:22
I found something too, so i'll reply to your thread.


The page says
forum on DAEMON Tools web portal: www.daemon-tools.cc or contact DAEMON Tools support team directly using link below

But there is missing a support email link such as support@daemon-tools.cc

16.06.2008, 09:16
This is quite bad idea to have "mailto:" links on site. Customer is forced to use "Send message" feature instead.

17.06.2008, 04:03
This is quite bad idea to have "mailto:" links on site. Customer is forced to use "Send message" feature instead.

It says 'using link' but no link is present. Maybe just remove the words about the link.


change 'support team directly using link below' to 'support team directly by emailing support@daemon-tools.cc' WITHOUT mailto link.


do you want them to use the 'For accounting and payment questions' link if yes, you should say it is not only for accounting and payment issues. I think it is a matter of confusing the user only, so this isn't bug, it's only my suggestion now.