View Full Version : Nero Corrupts files?

09.01.2004, 05:46
I make images of all my games. just in case i lose the disk ETC. and i started to use the new nero for burning most stuff. BUT my images that i make with it, dont work anymore. I ve never had this problem before, but i think its nero either corrupting the file or it has copy protection. i dont use it illegitimately and just need backups of the CDs. any ideas? :?:

09.01.2004, 16:03
Nero isn't much use for making images of copy protected games (and nearly all recent games are copy protected). Get yourself a decent protection scanner and give alcohol a try.

09.01.2004, 18:40
i downloaded alcoholer, but i was a bit confused on how to use it. i didnt understand the interface. i clicked load alcoholer 120% and nothing happened, i also tried to load twinpeak but that wouldnt load either. if you can give me a brief explanation on how to use it, id be really grateful

11.01.2004, 10:36
Alcoholer is a frontend to Alcohol 120%. If you don't have the actual program, obviously the frontend isn't going to work. :wink: You can find the Alcohol 120% site here (http://www.alcohol-software.com/).