View Full Version : Tray Icon.. Can it be hidden?

09.01.2004, 19:40
Operating System: WinXP Home
Burning Software: Nero 6 Ultra
Anti-virus Software: Norton Antivirus 2004
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

I have a lot of tray icons in my tray, and I was wondering is there is a way to hide the tray icon for daemon tools?

09.01.2004, 20:18
Disable Taskbar icon in Options menu :mrgreen:

12.02.2007, 14:43
hi there.. i got sort of the same problem...

i also wanna hide my tray icon.. but i cant disable the taskbar icon in the option menu... i cant even click it.. it's grey..

how can i enable it, so i can click it to disable it?

i dont wanna turn it off via the msconfig thingy..

plx help ^^

12.02.2007, 16:54
That option is only greyed out, if you disable autostart. You can add -noicon switch then to Daemon Tools desktop icon, so it won't add its icon to the task bar when started.
But what's the sense of this? For command line mount the tray icon is not created anyway.