View Full Version : Issue with Daemon tools lite and HALO img.

14.02.2008, 21:02
I have been using a .ccd image of HALO and daemon tools lite v4112 for some time without incededent. yesterday HALO would no longer run. Gave me an error saying it was generating a log due to it having an error. After hrs of trying to figure out what was going on I upgraded to DTL 4120. No differance. Today DTL4121 was released so I tried that, no go.

I wiped the drive and reinstalled only the bare minimal software needed and ran HALO --- error. Driving me nuts.

So I uninstalled DTL and loaded Clonecd and their Virtual clone drive with the intention of making a new CCD as it might have been corrupted. But I reied it first and it worked!

So..i removed clonecd and the Vitual Drive and installed DTL, wont run it. But it used to!

Whats going on?