View Full Version : Drop Target Icon support

09.01.2004, 18:51
A support for a drop target icon like in some downloadmanagers like Gozilla or Getright, would be great. If you drag an ISO to the icon, it will be auto. mounted

09.01.2004, 21:34
Why? Dragging the mouse to the icon isn't as comfortable as double clicking!
Create a new file type, eg ISO, and edit the command-line:

C:\programs\d-tools\daemon.exe -mount 0,\"%1\"

There you've it

09.01.2004, 21:46
Or if you like right-click mounting via Explorer check out awxDTools or FastMount in our download section :mrgreen:

10.01.2004, 12:32

thanks for your answer.
I like these fast mounting tools, maybe Daemon-Tools could integrate an own support for the fastmounting vie explorer contextmenu? :roll: