View Full Version : you need to have at least one drive?

15.02.2008, 03:20
i keep getting the above message whenever i try to mount an image, ive mounted one image before, but that was along time ago, and now i cant get to work nor do i know what to do.

i have reinstalled the program.
thanks in advance

15.02.2008, 07:57
You are sure you have enabled at least one virtual drive (check through tray icon, virtual cd/dvd rom)?

11.04.2008, 17:40
yeah, you should enable at least one virtual drive, otherwise, it won't work.

11.09.2009, 11:22
what do u mean with the virtual drive?

sorry...I am so dummed in everything about this computer things.
I am going to mount this image of adobe cs3, but I still got this cs4 program still in my laptop.
Is that mean I need to reinstall this adobe cs4 first?

or should I reinstal the daemon?