View Full Version : Lost c drive after install

15.02.2008, 15:43
I tried installing Daemon last evening on my new laptop, have done it before on my home desktop so wasn't too worried about any problems. During installation, I got the horrific 'blue screen', and the computer rebooted. Now I have no c drive. Tried to uninstall via registry as per previous posts as couldn't access through add/remove, reset BIOS defaults, and ran a restore. Still don't have c drive, as it is not recognized.

Windows XP boots up normally, but all files are gone. Computer is a X61 thinkpad, dual processor, brand new. Any suggestions? I don't have the error codes as the screen closed before I could write them down.

15.02.2008, 16:05
Could you post latest minidump (windows\minidump) please.

15.02.2008, 19:18
If you have Windows running I guess that Windows was not installed on drive C ?
This could be a HDD problem too. Phisical or logical one. Try a CHKDSK from Recovery Console.