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16.02.2008, 11:36

my system is almost paralised from lagging when i install and run daemon tools. i really dont have an idea what should be the problem.

and one more thing. i dont know if this problem have anything with it, but after i installed and uninstalled daemon i noticed disk F: with question mark in red circle, and when i click on it it says "F:\refers to a location that is unavailable. it could be on a hard drive on this computer, or on a network. check to make sure that the disk is poperly inserted..."

16.02.2008, 18:28
Which Daemon Tools version do you use, which OS?
Try to disable SPTD in registry (see thread about problems with SPTD layer in common problems and solutions forum), reboot, and check if the probles persists.
Also check system eventlog for SPTD related error messages, post the entire message incl. all binary bytes.