View Full Version : Image creation error

Dan 135
17.02.2008, 10:37
Hy everybody. I just start using DT Pro and the first time I tried to make a simple data CD (I think no special protection)image I get a "Image creation error:1006" message. Nothing happens. What the solution? Thank you.

17.02.2008, 12:50
Which version of Daemon Tools Pro are you running?

Dan 135
17.02.2008, 14:00
The version I'm using is 4.10.0215.

17.02.2008, 14:28
Update your DT Pro to 4.12.0220.

Dan 135
17.02.2008, 15:01
Thank you Blazkowicz, in the mean time it seems now it's working, I only changed the reading speed from maximum to 4X, it looks like it was the only problem.