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17.02.2008, 16:24
I have been used YASU for long time, but since I installed the lates version.. when I want to send YASU to tray.. it just terminates... (ask me to with a popup window).
With version 1.2 in another PC no issue, and clicking on the X makes it go to tray

I read about some commands (-s) but I'm not able to rename it so it works with this parameter.

How can I get YASU 1.4 to go to tray again like 1.2?
Please explain in "idiot proof way" :)

18.02.2008, 11:05
yasu's pretty redundant now, the latest versions of dt should bypass any blacklisting you encounter... perhaps trying that might be an idea?

18.02.2008, 16:40
Sorry, I do not understand the answer regarding my issue.

I only ask to hide or put Yasu in tary while in use..

I can work with 1.2, so the issue is not "blacklisting" but just usability.

18.02.2008, 20:45
erm, what usability has yasu apart from removing blacklisting?

the answer i said was to try the latest version of daemon tools, and not yasu because yasu is now redundant... due to the new versions of daemon tools not being blacklisted by the old versions of the protection...

18.02.2008, 21:46
...I have a son who likes to play with Lego Star Wars II.

To start/play it without using CD, I mounted the image with Alcohol and use YASU to help "avoiding" the protection.

It works fine with Yasu 1.2 and 1.4, the only difference is that with Yasu 1.4, I cannot send Yasu in sys tray, while 1.2 can.
I'm not asking about blacklist or else, I just wanna know why Yasu 1.4 cannot be sent to tray, like 1.2 can.
If it cannot anymore in version 1.4, please just tell me only that


18.02.2008, 21:47
..by the way I use the latest Daemon Tool.

18.02.2008, 23:17
Just minimize YASU, it will automatically go to the system tray. This has been changed since v1.3. You can find the full changelog here (http://copybase.org/yasu/).

Changes in 1.3:

Fixed Lame SecuROM 7.330012 Blacklist of Y.A.S.U.
Fixed SecuROM 7.330012 Blacklist of DAEMON-Tools & Alcohol 120%.
Fixed a MAJOR bug between Y.A.S.U, DAEMON-Tools/Alcohol 120% & SPTD (caused B.S.O.D for some users).
Modified Y.A.S.U's main window, Close button now closes/exits Y.A.S.U, but enabled Minimize button to send/shrink Y.A.S.U to the System Tray.
Added option to disable "Top Most Window" (Right click system tray icon -> "Options").

19.02.2008, 15:57
Thanks this last one was a good suggestion.. :)
But not I have the issue that is bot coacking anymore..

16:54:18 Y.A.S.U v1.4.7080 [DAEMON-Tools] started...!
16:54:18 Microsoft Windows XP v.5.1.2600

16:55:08 * Cloaking procedure started.
16:55:08 SafeDisc 4.x: Unable to find controller(s) to cloak.
16:55:08 SafeDisc 4.x: Controller(s) may already be cloaked.
16:55:08 SecuROM 7.x: Unable to find device(s) to cloak.
16:55:08 SecuROM 7.x: Device(s) may already be cloaked.
16:55:08 * Cloaking procedure completed.

Witn the same PC and no changes 1.2 works in an excellent way.


19.02.2008, 20:35
vreau si eu "Y.A.S.U v1.4":D :D :D :D

10.07.2008, 14:50
Oh, sorry but there's another idiot online(me):rolleyes:.
Can you say where i can get thet "YASU".
Send me plz a direct download link on e-mail, or ICQ

10.07.2008, 17:40