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19.02.2008, 01:20
Hi there,

Is 4 drives the maximun number of drives you can enable using Daemon Tools? If not how can you invoke more?

Thanks in advance.

19.02.2008, 02:48
Here's a short list for you:

Daemon Tools Lite: 4 drives
Daemon Tools Pro Basic: 4 drives
Daemon Tools Pro Standard: 16 drives
Daemon Tools Pro Advanced: 32 drives

Alcohol 52% and 120%: 31 drives

20.02.2008, 07:37
With the Daemon Tools Pro Advanced version, there are 32 SCSI virtual drives; in addition there are two IDE virtual drives; so does that mean that there are totally 34 virtual drives simultaneously with this version?

20.02.2008, 08:22
actually, how does the 32 drives thing work?, cos you only have a->z for the drive letters, which is 26 last time i checked, and chances are a/b aren't probably usable, and c is system drive, leaving 23...

21.02.2008, 18:14
You can mount virtual drives as folders on an NTFS hard drive. So - in essence - you're mounting the images as folders instead of drives.

21.02.2008, 22:22
aah right, but essentially thats not really a 'letter' though is it...
cheers for clearing the confusion tho...