View Full Version : Daemon tools lite 4.12.1

21.02.2008, 08:11

I want this new version, but I have one problem...

Ia hve only Windows XP SP1, I dont have SP2, can you remake this daemon?

21.02.2008, 14:54
Why don't you just download and install SP2?

22.02.2008, 23:39
Why don't you just download and install SP2?
I don't think SP2 is necessary and I don't think DT must work under SP2.

23.02.2008, 14:25
What's the issue with installing SP2? While I don't believe it is necessary, it would still be logical to ensure your computer has the latest security updates installed.

24.02.2008, 02:14
The problem could lie within the WGA encryption after SP2. Certain illegal and legal versions of SP1 Home and Professional Edition would show up with the ,"Genuine Windows," and,"You May Be a Victim of Fraud- Click Here to Get Genuine Windows," and cease to function after 30 days. Even if it was a valid key it was an isolated case on over 20,000 copies.

Although there is a hack/workaround that will prevent SP2 from enabling WGA encryption.... That sort of material is not allowed by DT support and I shall not disclose any location or filename associated.

Unfortunately, for this user. I would suggest repurchasing XP in SP2 or obtaining a legal license for an upgrade disc...