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11.01.2004, 05:46
Operating System: winxp
Burning Software: nero6, easy cd creator 6
Anti-virus Software: norton systemworks \'03
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

Im new to daemon tools and i was about to install it (ver. 3.44) when i saw in the readme.txt that if u have an older version of easy cd creator that damon tools could give u a system crash and/or blue screen of death.. My question is if it also has problems with newer verions of easy cd creator and windows xp?

I would like to know before i commit a fatal mistake to my computer.

11.01.2004, 10:49
Yes, 'cause Easy Coaster Creator bullshit is that buggy.
We will try a final workaround for that in next version, so you can wait for that.