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23.02.2008, 04:10
I can't deal with this, I need help now. I have some seriouos work that's due in the next 48 hours, so don't hesitate to reply if you know the answer to this please!

I installed Daemon Tools today, and during the installation, it crashed Vista. I'm using Vista Home Premium. I restart it, in safe mode, and the second I get there, it crashes again. When I start windows normally, it takes a few seconds to crash, around thirty. I can't fix this, and it's really important!!!

Can you please inform me on how to fix this? It says it's looking for a driver or something, then after that comes up, it crashes. I don't know which process it is, so I can't terminate it, and I don't have the time to go through each one. It said windows blocked it due to compatability issues, but it still manages to crash.


23.02.2008, 14:44
Are you installing latest DT Lite 4.12.1 or latest DT Pro 4.12.0220?

Also could you post the latest minidump (windows\minidump).

07.03.2009, 10:44
look that happen to me this morning if u haven't fixed that yet well u just need to insert windows operative system or restore system discs at the boot of the pc and then dont istall windows just look out for a option that says fix windows and it will restore the files of windows and search for the problem wich will unistall daemon tools

i was going to play a game but i install daemon and i say oh dear im stock but i pretty much merely an explorer :D

07.03.2009, 11:36
We've a emergency fix thread for this:

17.05.2011, 12:54
For some weird reason i went to load something with DT Lite and it made all of my applications and files, even movies only open with DT. Like my calculator and everything. Every time I try to open something, it says error in command line. Any help would be appreciated since i really don't get the chance to have my laptop online.... currently deployed in Afghanistan.

17.05.2011, 14:57
It seems you have associated DAEMON Tools Lite with *.lnk file extension.

Please look at this article of MS knowledgebase for solution Restoring .lnk file associations (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/172053/en-us)

17.05.2011, 15:43
Maybe this is also relevant:

09.09.2012, 18:14
My Old Computer are crashed when i trying Install a virtual Device In Daemon Tools Pro Not a virtual CD Drive thats an Other Virtual Device i am have that installed i must reboot my Computer after rebooting is my Computer herstarted and over few seconds is my Computer Completed Crashed please help my thats are happened in my Old Computer i am have now a new please say how i can fix this errors

10.09.2012, 13:07
Please specify your OS and DAEMON Tools version.