View Full Version : New option?: Making a virtual CD-RW Drive

11.12.2002, 21:35
It would be nice to make a virtual CD-RW drive because when you read in a Game CD so you don't have to damage your original CD while using it, but some protections are soo heavy: Now i have Battlefield 1942 as an CCD image it works perfectly and with the patch too, but when i burn it it works but when i want to play with the 1.22 patch the game wont start. So i want (if its possible) a virtual drive where u can burn and test CD's at the same time as you would use a real CD. Is this a good idea or am i just saying something idiotic?

Anyways thx 4 reading and i really appreachiate it if it will be used and by the way Daemon Tools is a very, Very nice program for testing CD's but sometimes like now... It's leaving false hope. But usually it works and there are much settings in those burning programs that u can get crazy of because 1 has to be with and other without subchannel etcetera, etcetera but i really have to go now so bye!

TerminatorXP from the Netherlands

11.12.2002, 21:40
Oops, now i'm looking better i see @ the sticky post there already is a virtual CD-RW drive like WinISO? Well it would be nice too to integrate it in Daemon tools but ill try WinISO then.

11.12.2002, 21:41
This is a really old suggestion and will never be realized - therefore I close the thread. And it doesnґt make any sense, ґcause every writer reacts different to the SafeDisc2 weak sectors.
If you think Daemon Tools is great, just use the fast dump feature to create an image from your original Battlefield 1942 cd(s);
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write the image to cd-r(w) and play with enabled SafeDisc emulation - will work fore sure.