View Full Version : Call of Duty, CD 2 Wont Mount!

11.01.2004, 23:33
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: Alcohol 120%
Anti-virus Software: McAfee
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

I have no disks. Just Bin/Cue files
I can install CD1 and during the installation after it gets done with CD1 it asks me to insert CD2. So I mount CD2 with Daemon Tools and click OK in the installation box, and it still wont install.
I have mounted the image(.cue) with Alcohol120 and Daemon Tools, and it doesn't work with either of them..some help please?

11.01.2004, 23:48
Operating System:
Burning Software:
Anti-virus Software:
DAEMON Tools Version:

And what software did you use to make this bin and cue from your cd's? :roll:

12.01.2004, 00:14
i didnt, i bought the game and soon after got a new computer and had my friend break it down for me with some program of his, maybe he didnt do it right? I am not good with computers, he told me what to get and what to use but i dont know how

12.01.2004, 00:41
"We don't tolerate cracks/warez/isos here, nor did we support them! We also don't want to know WHERE you obtain your software, especially if it is a warez-download "

12.01.2004, 00:51
Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional, Service Pack 4
Burning Software: BlindWrite Suite v4.5.7
Anti-virus Software: Norton AntiVirus 2003
DAEMON Tools Version: v3.44

It doesn't really qualify as warez assuming he's telling the truth; supposedly he bought the game and had his friend make the dumps for him because he didn't know how to. If this is true, then providing him instructions on how to make a dump of the image himself can't hurt anything, since he'd need the real CDs for it to work. :wink: Then again, he's already contradicting himself:

"I have no disks. Just Bin/Cue files" (suspiciously warez-like) followed by "i bought the game and soon after got a new computer and had my friend break it down for me with some program of his". Mnemonic, how exactly does one buy a game but have no discs? :?:

Mnemonic, I'll be happy to provide you with instructions for making a good dump of the game with BlindWrite Suite, but if you don't have any CDs to dump from then you're SOL.

12.01.2004, 01:13

12.01.2004, 04:33
Teehee, got my posters mixed up. Sorry! :oops:

12.01.2004, 10:35
Post the cue-sheet, and we'll have a look at it!

12.01.2004, 22:53
No problem :) ,I guess I missunderstood the poster. Posting the cue sheet as copytrooper should work, as those can get corrupted sometimes.