View Full Version : Vista SP1 & Astroburn CCD/CUE Issue

29.02.2008, 02:01
Anyone else have issues burning ccd or cue files with Astro? When I attempt to burn any ccd/cue images they stop at 86% and just keep the drive spinning but doesn't finish burning the disc. I have to kill Astro then shutdown the PC so I can eject the disc to even get it out. ISO's seem to burn just fine and I can burn the ccd/cue files with CloneCD just fine so it's not the image that's bad. It just seems to hang with ccd/cue files. Keep in mind I am running Vista with SP1 (not an RC or beta), so maybe this is a bug brought upon with SP1? Thanks!

08.03.2008, 01:32
Is this the right place to post for these sort of things for Astroburn or is there another more active place I should be posting? As I mentioned before, it's burned other types of images without problems it just doesn't like those made by CloneCD. Sure I could use CloneCD to burn the images, but since I figured I would help get the product better by testing it and using it as my main burning app. I usually like supporting these small apps etc like this, so I tend to be active in the forums whose products are being discussed. Thanks for any info!

08.03.2008, 11:59
Thank you for your investigations. Please understand that we cannot answer at every thread ;)

I think the devs noticed that problem.

btw I like to support lil' good apps, too.

08.03.2008, 12:21
Please wait for next version. It isn't a problem of Vista, also happens at XP. I just sent the devs a mail regarding this problem in case they missed this topic.

08.03.2008, 14:59
Thanks guys for responding. I just wanted to make sure someone got the message. :) I can understand not responding to all messages. Just wanted to make sure you guys were alive out there and I was posting in the right place. Thanks again!

17.03.2008, 11:53
Thanks to all. Please, verify the problem with the last Astroburn version.

22.03.2008, 14:41
Still occurs with latest version.