View Full Version : How can I get the customer status?

29.02.2008, 22:25
So I bought some 2 months ago DT Pro Advanced, but I still haven't received my customer status. I read the sticky on top and tried to PM, but it appears my priviledges are not good enough, so I was forced to make this thread. So how can I get my Customer Status?


01.03.2008, 09:58
Could you provide the email address which you used when you purchased DT Pro Advanced over at disc-soft.com.

04.03.2008, 17:41
Is it possible for someone to give me rights to PM, so I could PM the e-mail address to some admin? I wouldn't like to post the e-mail publicly on the board with all these spambots on the loose.

04.03.2008, 18:15
Please mail support@daemon-tools.cc with required info, then we'll see. ;)