View Full Version : CD/DVD there but not working to Run games

01.03.2008, 15:19
Hi, i am having a problem I have an image of Command and Conquer: decades. I made this my self using alcohol 120%. And when i mount the image the auto run dose its thing, and i can browse the files on the disc. Yet when i run the game it says insert the correct CD/DVD. I checked all the retard mistake i could think of like was it the right CD, was it mounted but i still can't get ti to work. So i thought it might just be the game trying to stop people from ripping it off so i tried BF:2142 which i know works on deamon tools as i had it on an older machine and still nothing. I am using a VAIO laptop at the moment if that helps VGN-AR21s. So any one got any ideas

01.03.2008, 17:47
Cloak your drives with YASU and start the game again.

02.03.2008, 18:41
Happy 4 year forum anniversary and Happy First Post xD