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13.01.2004, 18:55
Operating System: XP
Burning Software: Nero Burn
Anti-virus Software: XP
DAEMON Tools Version: Daemon_tools_v329

am fairly new to this. the problem am having is- i've been trying to play a mounted version of a game. am able to install it with no problems but when i try to run it, i get the error 'incorrect disc'. All i can figure is, it has something to do with the emulation protection. The game is championship manager. 03/04

Any suggestions or insights will be very much appreciated. As I really like Daemon tools. ( am using Daemon_tools_v329 )

Thank you.

13.01.2004, 19:43
Try v3.44
Note that you don't need any emulation to play from mounted image, if the image is in appropriate format.

13.01.2004, 20:50
could please elaborate on what you mean by 'right format'. thing is it was my brother owns the game and sent this to me. I did all he said but..... no show and he's on his hols

13.01.2004, 21:12
Depends on the protection used. Check it (i.e. usually the exe) with e.g. Protection ID.

14.01.2004, 14:14
sorry to be so thick... but where can i locate the protection id I looked in the properties of the .exe file and could locate it there.

14.01.2004, 16:02
No :lol: Protection ID is a little program, you can use to identify the different protections very easy - you can get it here (http://www.protectionid.owns.it/).

14.01.2004, 16:43
thxs alot, i'll give it a go later on, i have to hit the books till then ( in the library ). hope it works...

15.01.2004, 04:15
Operating System:
Burning Software:
Anti-virus Software:
DAEMON Tools Version:

Keep in mind that some games also remember what drive you installed them from. If you install from a real CD-ROM and then try to play with only a mounted image (which obviously will have a different drive letter);
the game might not work. Try re-installing the game from the mounted image.

What game is it by the way? If it's listed in the Game Database it will be easy to give instructions on how to bypass any copy protection that may be present.

15.01.2004, 16:13
the game is championship manager 03/04

16.01.2004, 14:50
thank you all for your insights, i've got it working well actually my bro did but thanks anyway