View Full Version : I want to know where the DT's config saved in

02.03.2008, 10:30
I want to know where the DT's config saved in,such as RMPS on/off,secure mode on/off ...
I used RegMon and FileMon,but I can't find any information!


02.03.2008, 11:37
x:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\DAEMON Tools

02.03.2008, 11:54
Thanks for replay,but I can't find it in the dir.
I forget to say,I'm using 4.0.8,I like this version!
help me;)

02.03.2008, 14:24
You can't read the configuration settings for controllers, mounted devices, for the number of mounted drives, for mounted image file names, or for some tray icon settings. These are protected against copy protections/games trying to access them.

You can control DAEMON Tools via programs like DAEMON Script if that's what you want to do.

02.03.2008, 15:53
I have been got the 3rd Party Addons.
Yes,just it.
thanks a lot!