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13.01.2004, 23:49
This is what I really need but can't find:
I have short movies on CD. I don't want to play them from CD because CDs are slow and there's always a break in the fluid action of the movies. I don't want to have a virtual CD on HD because I can just copy these movies onto the HD and play them from there. The best way to play these motion-critical movies (of awesome ocean waves) is to load them into virtual memory. Is there a program than can create a small virtual disc in memory? To call cd emulation on hard drive virtual cds is rather misleading, because they are after all on a form fo cd right? TIA for your replies.


21.01.2004, 03:00
Have you looked up the definition of virtual memory lately? :roll:

06.04.2004, 18:33
You mean a virtual memory drive.

I know how to do that back in the DOS era, but I don't know how to do it in XP.
Never have the need anyway.

Better luck try searching on google.

27.07.2004, 00:04
if you want virtual cds in memory you at least need enough free system memory to suit your burnable cd image on it for daemon to read it.
Theres a few TSR'S on the web capable of mounting an ideal amount of virtual hard drive space (up to 2 gigabytes) but you will still need to justify the correct amount of memory as opposed to your other tasks.
for example if you have 512mb system RAM a 256mb virtual hard drive in system memory would be the go for an iso or simular of that size.
RAM is the fastest way to get around.
I actually burned 2 cd iso's onto 1 cd and used daemon to access it; saves cd's.

27.07.2004, 00:08
virtual memory is in fact an extension of system memory that is there to suppliment outage of system memory.
Loading anything into it can be worse than loading it onto your hard drive.
There is in fact a cdrom program that no longer is supported that caches cd's in virtual memory for faster access but then the cache gets trashed as soon as videos are played.