View Full Version : 2 DT Pro Adv questions

03.03.2008, 03:50
I've been thinking about getting DT Pro Adv for a little while now, just a couple of questions:

1. Is there any way to get the vIDE drive to work on XP Pro x64?
2. Is it possible to increase the speed of the virtual drives? Alcohol's drives run at 200x.

03.03.2008, 10:00
1. ATM not, also atm not planned
2. It also depends on your hdd speed. But a dev has to answer this if they plan to increase the speed. A user can't increase the speed in program.

03.03.2008, 18:26
I was under the impression that some games required the vIDE drives for emulation, is that true or will they run just fine under the SCSI drives?

Also, if they do run fine under SCSI will backups made run fine under Alchohol 120% or is better to keep everything under DT?


04.03.2008, 06:40
There are some games which only runs in vIDE.

04.03.2008, 19:29
Some people upgrade from XP Pro x64 to Vista 32-bit. I know this is not a very good reply, but you might want to think about this idea.

05.03.2008, 03:15
Well, I was thinking about trying out Vista once SP1 final was released, so I guess I'll just wait 'till then and see if I like Vista. Just wish the speed was faster, but from what I see DT is better that many of the others so I suppose it doesn't matter that much.


06.03.2008, 02:03
Speed reported by device is purely cosmetical and does not reflect actual reading speed. So you don't need to worry.

07.03.2008, 17:47
Ok, thanks. That was really one of the only things that I thought was better about Alcohol 120%, if I ever upgrade to Vista I'll get DT Pro Adv but for now DT lite will be fine.