View Full Version : News About Securom V5 and how it Protects

14.01.2004, 11:54
I think this is known:

Sony DADC has just finished their development on SecuROM v5 which will have a protection against emulation software:
The main upgrade is a new protection shield against virtual drive emulation. As you are probably aware, emulators are useful tools for making back-up copies of legally purchased original discs. Nevertheless, they can also be used to illegally use your software by emulating a disc copy or a virtual drive.
With this new version, SecuROM stays ahead of the competition with a brand new anti-emulator shield that defeats emulation software such as: Alcohol 120%, BlindWrite, Daemon Tools, ******** & CloneCD.

But this not at all:

Ok. It will install a driver on your PC without asking you.
So it can dedect the emulating software while starting.
Temporary theres only one option to get a function Copy.
You have to fix the main executable of the game (exe and/or dll)
so the protection installation dosent start.

Second Option for BackUp is:
The Driver wich is been installed would be made "blind" against
the emulation software. What I mean is, that on the new DaemonTools
a "shield" wich defets the dedection, must be programmed.

14.01.2004, 14:36
Latest dtools and alcohol already fix this blacklist. Most securom blacklists have been against the driver name. But now you can change the driver name during install of dtools/alc.