View Full Version : Remove Catalog Image dialog placement bug

03.03.2008, 21:20
I've noticed when removing a image from the catalog...the dialog asking if your sure...can be misplaced on multi monitor setups.

I have my monitors setup as 1|2 with 2 being set as the primary...odd I know...anyways the dialog pops up spliting the right edge of primary monitor 2...which I'm guessing its trying to split the diff for the total desktop area...problem is in part with how my monitors are setup as monitor 1 is actually in negative space -1650 to 0 then monitor 2 is 0 to +1650...however even if my monitors were arranged "correctly" to where both are in positive space...a dialog popping up splitting an edge looks bad...hehe pick a monitor any monitor...but just center to that monitor...well actually it should center to which ever is set to primary.