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03.03.2008, 22:14

Everytime when iam downloading the latest version i get the following message from kaspersky 6 :

detected: adware not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.Shopper.r URL: http://mirror8.disc-tools.com/getfile.php?p=4fc8e455401236e0f59d8712bc872030/daemon4121-lite.exe//stream//data0050

I tried numerous times both through mozilla and IE7 both up-to-date whit latest ms-patches for my xp pro sp2 x64 edition os!!

I wont accept the file for now untill i know for 110% sure its safe!! In the meanwhile ill post onsite kaspersky to
know more about this!!



04.03.2008, 10:17
You can read?
detected: adware not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.Shopper.r

Also it should be well known that Daemon Tools comes with optional adware since v4.0.

04.03.2008, 17:19
Yes, Copytrooper is right: it is opt-out installation - means you can simply remove corresponding checkbox ("ad sponsor module").

04.03.2008, 17:29

Ofcourse its not the first time i found adware in certain applications when using customize install.

But i was freaked out when kaspersky for the FIRST time detected as such in the latest release wich is/wos 4.12.1.

I didnt got an warning from kaspersky eve never before downloading previous DT releases !!

Thats why i was caution, but i have cleared this up at kasper HQ by now. And it appears kasper uses more agressive means of detection so it seems!

Thanks for the input,