View Full Version : Slow right click with shell extension

04.03.2008, 22:57
I'm using Windows Vista 64bit. Since updating to latest DT Pro Advance version there is very annoying bug: when I right-click any file (not just image file but all files) with DT shell extension enabled there is a huge (about 1 sec) delay before Windows displays the context menu. Folders are not affected at all, just files. Using shellex application I discovered that the problem is with "DaemonShellExtImage Class" (file: imgshl64.dll). The bug can be easily reproduced by disabling and enabling this item. From what I've read so far this behavior is caused by "poorly coded context menu handler" :) Would it be possible to fix this in one of the future updates?

06.03.2008, 09:22
Hello doughnut
Thank you for the such detailed report.
The problem is under investigation now.