View Full Version : Error on Uninstall - Looked All Over Board

05.03.2008, 15:53
When I go to uninstall Daemon Tools v4.10, I get an error saying 'SCSI Adapter is Locked".

Relating to this error, I get an error about outstanding open handles when I try to remove a virtual drive.

The error says 'Device SCSI\CdRomVen_IU2110AProd_DHX377WRev_1.0\52142ce16 0000 has outstanding open handles'

I get this error despite having nothing mounted into the virtual drive

Both Alcohol 120% and PowerISO, which I also use, have no virtual drives installed, so this one has to be pointing at Daemon

06.03.2008, 04:10
Error is self explanatory - some application "holds" cdrom and prevents its removal. So check what you have running in your system, including 3rd party drivers.
You can press ignore on this error - but then reboot will required.

06.03.2008, 06:05
Yeah I found that out a few hours after posting this. I had that problem once before but forgot how I got around it.