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14.01.2004, 21:33
Operating System: xp
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: norton
DAEMON Tools Version: was 344, now 31 again

I also am one of the people that upgraded to 344 and discovered that nothing worked anymore and after searching and searching I decided to go back and now it all works.

What I do not understand and find very confronting is that(some of the) moderators are more or less yelling at people and telling it is not a Daemonproblem but Roxio.

That may all be true. But most people don't know whether they have roxio stuff or have it and do not have any problems with them.

Anyhow there is clearly some incompatability and I find it akward to read messages of the staff bashing visitors here. Especially if the latter write fully normal messages and only state a problem.

14.01.2004, 22:04
Nobody's bashing users - just be patent until next release when this Roxio issue is fixed. It is usually users who bash us, when we point them at Roxio problems.

14.01.2004, 22:07
Exactly, or how'd you call something like this:

In that case DT is the only Virtual CD manager, which is incompatible with other drivers, (...)
There's no way around to make clear, that it is the other way around.

16.01.2004, 20:35
Operating System: wxp-home-sp1
Burning Software: has nothing to do with this but ok: roxio woc5-sp2
Anti-virus Software: has nothing to do with this but ok: / atm
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41/3.44

yeah of course THIS is silly and crappy!
But not only the Roxio people (i'm one of them with woc5) have problems.

Do you have Connectix VirtualPC? When starting a virtual machine with a installed connectix-CD-drive under win98 (virtual);

my real system crashes to a BSOD...
That's only happening when using dt-344.
For me, this problem isn't serious because I'm using a virtual machine as often as never :) . But it shows that somehow something was better in version 3.41 and has gone now.

16.01.2004, 20:46
How do you know that WinOnCD/Roxio crap has nothing to do with this!? Crappy Roxio driver interacts with other drivers in system - and because of these bugs your system may crash.
Anyhow, as already mentioned there will be workaround in next version, so just wait.

16.01.2004, 22:08
I am heavily using Virtual PC without any probs.

17.01.2004, 01:37

you have good good arguments, but you missed a very important point:
we don't bash people for using roxio. We only answer questions why
something may not work. Of course it's possible someone find a answer
rude, while other's don't think so, remember that it's not the same to talk
with someone than to post it here. Not everything sounds rude in real life, but maybe sounds rude when simply written down here.

And don't forget that we try to satisfy our users - we do this for free, unless
you pay for a licence. Not many sites offer such a support to their users.
The moderator(s) you mentioned do all this and it's a hard job, believe me. And I'm very sure nobody is rude or bash our visitors only because
they use roxio-drivers. It's only that (including myself) our moderators/team
is really nerved when we clearly mentioned, that it's ROXIO who is crappy
and everytime DAEMON Tools must fix the bugs. Compare it to a car:
you drive to your gas-station, everytime they sell you another crappy gasoline.
And now everyone blames the car-manufacturer to fix the problems! This
is really annoying. Than it's possible that indeed a answer could be sometimes
look like a little bit rude, but we don't bash our users. And last but not least:
everyone can have a hard day and we're all only normal people.
With all the "good" and "bad" behaviour all normal people have.
Indeed there IS a problem with the new 3.44
AND crappy other stuff (Roxio);

and indeed we're try everything to fix it and
to satisfy you and all the others who trust in Daemon Tools. Did our Team ever dissapointed you? But how many users dissapoint us, asking here
for warez, crackz, serials, isos, are rude to others. Nevertheless, we try
to "hold the line" even for all users.

Think about it and imagine how it looks from the other side of the table!

17.01.2004, 18:33
How do you know that WinOnCD/Roxio crap has nothing to do with this!?

@copytrooper: cool down! I mentioned the prob with woc5 the time before and didn't want to discuss it here => I wrote this "has nothing to do" because I meant VirtualPC!

@venom: which version of VirtualPC do you use?

@LocutusofBorg, what actually are your plans regarding ROXIO? Continuing workarounds? BTW, you're right :wink: !

17.01.2004, 18:52
I am cool :mrgreen:
but it is possible that Roxio driver even cause your problems with VirtualPC. This driver is so buggy, it surprisingly (!) works on most systems without any problems.

18.01.2004, 00:11
I use latest VPC (which is already from Microsoft);

but previuos was fine too. And it never crashed my OS. DT was installed both on host and guest and in any other combinations. Host OS is XP and guests are

19.01.2004, 02:04
I use Connectix Virtual PC 5.2 (Build 418) and have no problems at all, but I have no roxio drivers installed... maybe this is your problem... ;)

19.01.2004, 02:58
Neither do I.

19.01.2004, 19:52
Ok I will try Nero instead. Or is there a burning (mastering) program which you can recommend?

(ps: I'm using Connectix VPC 4.2, little bit old but not from MS)

20.01.2004, 03:34
You definitely need to update VPC, it may be just buggy. I also doubt it has something to do with Roxio driver honestly, but who knows.

22.01.2004, 12:29
Operating System: WinXPSP1 with Connectix VPC 5.2
Burning Software: Roxio 6 / Nero 6.3 / Alcohol 1.4.8 / CCD / CDRWIN 3.9D
Anti-virus Software: Norton Corp Edition 8.00
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44

Just here to inform you that I'm running all the shit above and have no problem what so ever with DT 3.44.....