View Full Version : Unable to install SPTD

06.03.2008, 20:07
Dear All

I hope you may be able to help me. I have not been able to install Daemon Tools as every time I do install the software my computer either refuses to boot or restarts (as has been reported).

I tried to install the SPTD using the latest version (1.55) without Daemon tools as I believed this was the cause. Indeed my computer did not boot with this installation. In my System control panel I now have two SCSI/RAID host controllers - one with an exclaimation mark (driver corrupt or absent) and the other disbaled. Neither were present before I installed SPTD.

I presume this is not normal? Can I do anything to try and get Daemon tools to work on my system (I have tried the methods in the other posts with no success).

Motherboard - Asus P5AD2
Main HDD - Raptor on SATA I
Other HDD - 2 other SATA drives not mounted as RAID
DVD - mounted as IDE slave

Many thanks for any advice