View Full Version : How to check whether DT(any version) has been installed or not?

07.03.2008, 11:03
How to check whether DT(any version) has been installed or not?
thank you!

07.03.2008, 15:03
Like DT's installer can detect she has been installed and popup "the same or newer version of DAEMON Tools is already installed" and the installer can get the install dir.

07.03.2008, 19:29
In windows, you have a list of installed program, called "add/remove software" (or something like that, i've a french version ^^)

If you See Daemon Tools or dt lite in it, daemon is correctly installed. Just go to the folder "*:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools" and click on Daemon.exe (or something like that, i don't have the lite version). A new icon will appear next to the clock (bottom left of the screen generally). Right clic on it, help -> about. A popup indicate the version number of DT.

If you don't see it, and if you have this folder "*:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools", you have an invalid installation.

10.03.2008, 00:57
Thx,but I don't mean that.
What I mean is how to determin DT has installed via check Registry or some file and get her install dir.A program of mine need this function.

11.03.2008, 13:20
you can't - the registry keys are protected when dt is running so you'll get access denied...as a security measure (to stop anti dt programs detecting it..)