View Full Version : device error: code 25057

15.01.2004, 15:32
Operating System: windows 2000
Burning Software: none
Anti-virus Software: mcafee
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.44.0

while installing i get the following error:

Device setup error: code 25057 (0x61E1);
2 (0x2).

after this error installer says setup completed successfully, reboot to finish installation. after reboot, daemontools shows in taskbar with virtual drive e:, but my computer doesnt reflect this. if i mount an image and try to specify path in run command, it says device not ready.

i searched boards already and found plenty device error codes, but none with this specific code.

16.01.2004, 02:51
Something weird is going on. Can you reproduce it every time?
Uninstall now and reboot. Then run setup again - same error?
This behavious is bug in setup - at this point it should rollback and display error (instead of success). I fixed it in current beta.