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09.03.2008, 06:46
I registered to this forum after hunting around on google pretty futilely for: first: a *trustworthy* source where I could download just the older version of SPTD (since atm I'm not using DT), and then hunting around on here for a link to the older version of DT Lite with the old version.. All I could come up with in the end was filehippo (really, generally recommended for lifesaving older versions of pretty much anything, this included).


Hope this helps da peeps..

13.03.2008, 02:17
why would you want an older version? usually new versions contain bugfixes that were in the old one.. its like downgrading xp to 98/me....

and why would you want sptd if you're not running dt? unless possibly, you are running alcohol

that, and old versions of dt / alcohol would contain sptd in the installer... so if you really wanted sptd and nothing else you could simply get an old ver of dt/alcohol, install it, and uninstall it because uninstalling dt/alcohol doesn't uninstall sptd (to the best of my knowledge anyway)...

14.03.2008, 22:04
I think his goal was to install then uninstall and leave the old SPTD there. People really do like old versions for some reason, and some people are compulsive about getting and subscribing and automatically downloading the latest updates too.