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09.03.2008, 20:10

Just wondered if anyone could offer me some advice on
a problem encountered after installing Daemon Tools.

My brother is running Windows Vista on a laptop and
installed an unknown version number on his system.
Since then, Vista boots as normal, but after a few
seconds, it brings up a message saying "This program
is blocked due to compatibility issues". I hit
cancel, and within seconds it brings up a blue screen,
dumps the physical memory and resets itself.

I can't actually do anything within the time it takes
to boot up to the error message, and haven't got a
copy of Vista (none supplied with the laptop) or a
backup disc.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can get the
software off and restore normal running to Vista? I
have managed to delete the reference to the program in
the registry, but can't delete the folder on the C:
drive as I don't have permission, apparently. :mad:


09.03.2008, 22:01
Bad idea, you'd better know which exact version you installed. Daemon Tools versions <v4.06 are NOT Vista compatible.
Check the following threads for manual removal procedures:

v3.43 - v3.47:


Reboot after the procedure.

07.08.2008, 16:11
Ok, did you try booting to safe mode?
Try that first.

If you can tell if it's mounting something at startup, then unmount all the drives. Restart, and see if that worked.

If not, then do whatever is necessary to keep the program from running.

Boot to safemode again, and
1) disable it from mounting an image at boot.
2) disable it from running at boot.
3) uninstall the program.
4) delete the exe.
5) delete all refrences to dt.
6) try system restore???
7).........if none of this works, then you probably have bigger issues then just the program. It's probably nothing that dt caused. Could be something else that he did. Might be a worm. Good luck.