View Full Version : DT Set Up/Image Mounted/(Part 2)

16.01.2004, 05:30
Operating System: ME
Burning Software: Nero 6 Ultra
Anti-virus Software: Symantec Norton Anti-Virus
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.4 (Whatever the newest is)

Hi all!
I just recently downloaded DT, And figured out there is another drive on my pc (duh :P ) My next concern is, I use Nero 6 Ultra..
How do I burn the "ISO" do I open Nero, and select the ISO, then tell it I want to burn to the Virtual Drive?
(Just so ya know, I did try that because I was curious)
And what had happened was:
When I clicked "Burn" on Nero, before the Burn Process started, it asked me if I wanted to save the file as: "A NERO Image File" , or "ISO Image File"
So I picked the directory I wanted it on C:\My Documents\Test
then I saved the file , Nero said the File was burned, so I went and checked it, and it was still an image file...

I want to burn the file vi rtually, or whatever I have to do, to get the program to Install, and run on my computer..... But, Im not sure I did everything correctly :)


16.01.2004, 10:36
If you've an image file already, the only thing you've to do is to mount it in Daemon Tools virtual drive (just click on Daemon Tools task bar icon, browse to the folder, select the image file, and click "open"). Then open an Explorer and open the virtual drive, start setup or whatever, and you can install the software.
If you like right-click mounting via Explorer you can check out awxDTools or FastMount in our download section.

16.01.2004, 16:06
Ok, I got it to where I can click on the drive, when
"Windows Installer" Pops Up, it looks like its getting ready to install
then it says to me "To Install this product Please Run Setup.exe, For other installation options, see the installation section of Readme.htm"

But the thing is, I read the readme, there is nothing there regarding this, it just goes to the MS (Microsoft) website.
At least I know now that it can install, but Im not sure how...
Just for piece of mind guys there are 3 different ISO's
(Three parts of Visual Studio) anyways I know I can't mount 3 files at once .... do I need 3 more drives? or how does this work :)